Greenpoint Technologies


Greenpoint Technologies is a premier Business Jet Completion Center creating superior interior aircraft products and VIP completions for narrow and widebody aircraft.



Established in 1988, Greenpoint is one of the original Boeing Business Jet recognized completion centers. Greenpoint headquarters are in Kirkland, WA, minutes from Seattle and The Boeing Company. Additional locations include a VIP interior and cabinetry fabrication facility, a general manufacturing and testing facility, a precision machine shop and large aircraft hangar facilities. Greenpoint embodies all disciplines in-house from engineering, design and manufacturing of VIP and commercial interiors to installation, heavy maintenance and overhaul of all size business jet aircraft. Strategic goals focus on the customer experience by incorporating quality, commitment and craftsmanship into every program. The company’s 99 percent on-time delivery rate and repeat customer relationships represent the quality of service provided. 

Our expertise

The Boeing Business Jet aircraft delivers from The Boeing Company with no interior, and Greenpoint redelivers the aircraft to the end client as a fully furnished and certified “condo and boardroom,” ready for flight. Greenpoint employs an experienced team of interior designers, engineers, certification engineers, manufacturers, installation technicians and support staff. 
The Greenpoint Design Team works with each client to create an interior that reflects his or her individual tastes. The Design Team partners with Engineering who provides everything needed to design, install and certify the custom interior. Engineering generates all drawings and requirement specifications, as well as analyzes aircraft stress, substantiation, weight and balance loads, and systems certification for overall functionality and airworthiness. Once engineering is complete, procurement and manufacturing begins as the aircraft is prepped for the custom interior installation. Cabinetry artisans and installation technicians install the interior elements including all systems, cabinetry, ceilings, sidewalls, flooring and furniture per the engineering and design specification. In-house Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) monitor the installation at various stages to ensure the interior meets all certification requirements throughout the completion process.
  • Aeroloft® 
The Aeroloft® is a modular product developed specifically for the Boeing VIP 747-8 aircraft between doors four and five. It offers eight private sleeping berths located above the main deck in the aft section of the aircraft, providing a comfortable and relaxing rest area during flight. Passengers use a forward entry staircase at door four to access the Aeroloft®. 
  • Aerolift™
The 747-8 Aerolift™ is an elevator permitting ground to main deck access for up to four people, or a wheelchair with an attendant. The Aerolift™ provides a secure and elegant entrance to the main cabin of the aircraft. 
Overview of products and services provided: 
  • VIP interior completion for four (4) Boeing VIP 787 aircraft
  • VIP interior completion for a Boeing VIP 777-200LR aircraft
  • VIP interior completion for a Boeing VIP 747-8 aircraft
  • VIP 747-8 Aeroloft® for six (6) Head-of-State
  • VIP and Head-of-State interior completions for nineteen (19) Boeing Business Jets (BBJ)
  • Head-of-State interior completions for two (2) Boeing 737 aircraft
  • Head-of-State interior upgrades and refurbishment for seven (7) Boeing 747 aircraft
  • Head-of-State interior upgrades and refurbishment for four (4) Boeing 757 aircraft
  • New interiors and refurbishment for seventeen (17) Boeing 737 aircraft
  • Interior reconfiguration and upgrades for twenty (20) Boeing 727 aircraft