Zodiac Business Aircraft Interiors

Zodiac Business Aircraft Interiors manufacturers fully integrated interiors and major sub commodities such as galleys, lavatories, liners and seating.


Established in 2002, Zodiac Business Aircraft Interiors (formerly C&D) offers business aircraft customers and OEMs a fully integrated interiors package. In 2011, the company moved operations to a 20,000 square meter facility in Kirkland (Montreal, Canada) and continues to expand operations to meet customer demand. The state-of-the-art manufacturer collaborates closely with Zodiac Aerospace’s industrial design and innovative design center, ZEO, and has over 100 engineers on site. 

Our Expertise

Business aircraft manufacturers partner with Zodiac Business Aircraft Interiors to outfit the interior and systems on their aircraft, which often involves customization. The experienced team of engineering, craftsman and technical manufacturers work closely with each OEM to guarantee a high quality, aesthetic interior product. Zodiac Business Aircraft Interiors has a history of on-time deliveries and a legacy of repeat customer programs with over 600 complete interior shipset deliveries to date.
Interior products provided:
  • Galleys
  • Lavatories
  • Liners
  • Seats
  • Cabinetry
  • Sidewalls
  • Soft materials
  • Systems: Oxygen, lighting, electrical, water and waste and cabin management
  • Cockpit Upgrades  
Customer and aircraft models served:
  • Bombardier (Montreal, Canada)
    • Challenger 650 
    • Global 5000-6000 
    • Global 7000-8000 
  • Gulfstream (Savannah, Georgia, USA)
    • G500-G600 
  • Airbus (Toulouse, France)
    • A350


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