Zodiac Aerotechnics (Fuel & Inerting Systems)

Zodiac Fuel & Inerting System is a leader in the provision of complete fuel systems and in-flight and on-ground refueling equipment. 

An expertise recognized in fuel and inerting systems

This division has acquired a world-renowned expertise in the following areas:
  • Integrated comprehensive fuel systems (Distribution, Tank Inerting, Measurement, Level detection and Management);
  • Simulation of the system’s behavior to guarantee performance;
  • Inerting systems to respond to the authorities’ latest requirements in terms of tank flammability, by replacing part of the air oxygen present in the tank by inert gas so that a flame cannot propagate, thus avoiding a risk of explosion;
  • Verification tests on all system parameters to certify the aircraft;
  • In-flight refueling systems (pod) and on-ground fuel supplies (hydrant valves and hook-ups).

Zodiac Fuel & Inerting Systems at the cutting edge of innovation

The Fuel & Inerting Systems division coordinates the European research project – SAFUEL. The aim of this project is to prepare fuel systems (circulation, gauging, inerting) for future aircraft platforms such as more composite planes, the introduction of alternative carbons and more-electric aircraft. The division contributes to improving the safety of aircraft fuel tanks (inerting systems) and cutting energy consumption. It coordinates the SAFUEL research project (preparation for future fuel systems). 

Our expertise


SYSTEM DESIGN - From design to certification

Zodiac Fuel & Inerting Systems uses system simulation tools from the earliest design phase to ensure system development on time and right first time. As a tier-one fuel system integrator, we provide our customers with:
  • Fuel system architecture expertise
  • System development process in accordance with ARP4754A
  • System simulation and sizing
  • Optimized in-tank component positioning
  • Human interface simulation and validation
  • Support to flight test program 
  • Support for certification
  • Program management


EQUIPMENT DESIGN - Development and innovation 

Zodiac Fuel & Inerting Systems uses the latest design technologies and techniques to develop optimized, robust and reliable components: 
  • Automatic software code generation
  • Use of digital prototyping finite element method for stress analysis
  • Dynamic fluid flow modeling through simulations
  • Electronic board design and layout software
  • Rapid prototype processes to validate equipment design
  • Lean engineering / manufacturing
  • Design/test/production on the same plant

FUEL SYSTEMS COMPONENTS - Whatever the requirement, we provide the solution

  • Fuel Distribution: Leader in the supply of fuel distribution equipment (pumps, valves, refueling adaptors) as well as inflight and ground refueling systems. 
  • Tank Inerting: Zodiac Aerotechnics designs, develops, qualifies and manufactures fuel tank inerting systems from air preparation to nitrogen distribution for any size of commercial aircraft.

SYSTEM MATURITY - Extensive in-house test capabilities

Zodiac Fuel & Inerting Systems uses in-house test capabilities to verify system integration, performance and robustness under the harshest aircraft environmental conditions.
Full system integration validation:
  • Full system integration test rig
  • In-tank equipment test rig (in fuel)
  • Scaled dynamic wing test rig
  • Icing accretion test rig
Robustness and environment validation:
  • Electromagnetic compatibility test rig
  • High fuel flow test rig up to 300 m3/h and 9 bars
  • Environmental test chambers
  • Vibration rigs
  • Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT / HASS)

INNOVATION - Zodiac Aerotechnics at the cutting edge of innovation

Zodiac Aerotechnics runs several research projects addressing fuel tank safety, mass reduction and ease of installation of fuel tank components.
Optimized inerting and gauging systems are the recent outcomes of this research Zodiac Aerotechnics coordinates the SAFUEL european project investigating break through concepts for fuel tank inerting systems, fuel gauging, and management of water and ice in fuel tanks.
Zodiac Aerotechnics uses advanced simulation tools to compute fluid mechanics and fluid structure interactions within the fuel tank.